Guidelines for turning people, things, and commitments down

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We live in a world full of decisions, choices, options, and the corresponding chaos. It’s hard to know when we’re doing the right thing, or even what the right thing is. We are all on a path and are hard-pressed to ensure that we’re on the right one with the decisions we make.

What most people don’t talk about, though, is the psychology of our decisions. There is so much that goes on in our own heads in regards to how we choose things and how we narrow down the options that we simply don’t understand. …

And why you should consider a later start to your day instead

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There’s been quite a bit of talk on the internet both for and against waking up at 5 AM in the morning. As someone who has religiously woken up early and also outright avoided it, I have arguments on both sides. What I’ve come to the conclusion, though, is that while it certainly can be beneficial — it certainly isn’t necessary for being productive.

Business Insider, Inc. Magazine and Fast Company have all recently published articles about how waking up early can actually be harmful to your productivity. …

How to optimize your morning plans for real + meaningful action

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We’ve all been there. We all know the feeling. You’ve just woken up from a mediocre night of sleep and you have a great plan — an amazing plan — a dare I say, perfect plan. And then you fall back asleep. Or spend three hours on Instagram. Or simply don’t do what you planned to do.

“Good planning without good working is nothing.” — Dwight D. Eisenhower

This happens for a lot of reasons. Sometimes our plans are flawed. Sometimes we’re tired. Sometimes we just forget that we have a plan written on our desk and our tab open to where we’re supposed to start work. Human willpower can only take us so far, so how do we fix our sluggish and unproductive mornings, and do what we really want to be doing to be the most productive and effective people possible? …


Katie E. Lawrence

Life is good — let’s talk about it. Author of On Purpose: Discovering You Are With The Enneagram, and online content creator.

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